VW Jetta Mk5

VW Jetta Mk5

For most of us, our passion/s grows from a very young age with us. Not me… nooo, I was born with a brain that could only ever focus on cars (lord knows what my old man was thinking when I was conceived). Being Indian of course intensified the need for go-faster bits and bobs and some doof doof for the passers-by to admire and listen to. I never knew whether they actually appreciated or loathed my then pride and joy. I digress – Having attended my first Touring car event at a very different Kyalami Race Track back in the day, changed my mindset forever.

Post that event, the only sounds I wanted to listen to from my old faithful, was the sweet rhythm of perfect combustion coupled with improved airflow…man, it made my knees weak. Of course the looks of the car had to be linked to this ‘race car’ vibe I had going. Lowered, spoilered, rimmed… okay, maybe not ‘rimmed’ but you get my drift (ed: weak ass link to yet another pastime in front of the telly).

For years, the need to have a race or rally inspired daily was always top of mind and then in early 2010, I made that move. I bought myself a Jetta. Wait!Whaaaat? That’s right, a Jetta… not just any old Jetta mind you, it was the sleeper I was looking for, coupled with my need to mobilise my young family and I – a Jetta 5 2.0 TFSI. You see, back when Volkswagen still made medium sized family saloons for their faithful, they always included a performance version and this one was no different – A golf 5 GTI in drag.

It had the right ingredients to turn it into a sort of mini monster. Obviously, all of my touring car memories came flooding back and so for the following two years, it was a labour of love to get it to my lowered, rimmed (yes rimmed) and turbo’ed pride and joy. My goal was to keep it simple –well that only lasted about as long as my previous sentence LOL. We went all out… bigger turbo, bigger intercooler, bigger everything… It was a recipe that we had perfected and boy did it bring me joy. It was everything I had hoped it would be and then some. Let us show you some of ‘Jet Lee’s’ progression until its very zenith as a Tweek brand ambassador.

Mods List:

  • K04 Hybrid Turbo
  • S3 Aluminium intercooler
  • RS4 Injectors
  • 100mm Custom intake with Tweek Cone Filter
  • Autotech HPFP upgrade
  • OEM S3 Throttle and discharge pipes
  • Koni springs
  • 19 inch 3SDM 0.01 Reps
  • Tweek Stickerbomb fender (added at least 10wkw)
  • R32 front bumper
  • Customer Seat Leon Cupra Lip spoiler


Owner: Yegan Padayachee

Instagram: @yegan169


Author: Yegan Padayachee


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