Tweek Performance Foam Air Filters

Tweek Performance Foam Air Filters

1. Air Filter Facts

The Tweek Performance range of performance foam air filters can increase a vehicle’s performance and improve its fuel consumption.

Results may vary from one vehicle to another; we therefore recommend that your vehicle is dyno tuned in order to obtain the best results.

A few of the benefits are:

  • Approximately 10% power gains
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Directly replaces original air filter
  • Easy cleaning
  • Superior quality
  • Lifetime Warranty

We believe the best air filter for the job successfully balances the following criteria:

  • Maximum air flow – the air filter’s ability to allow air to pass through without causing a large drop in pressure.

  • Cleaning efficiency – the capacity of an air filter to arrest a high proportion of the dust carried in the air, whilst feeding the engine clean air.

  • Dust load-up tolerance – the capability to absorb a large amount of dust, without reducing air flow capacity.


2. Why foam is best?

Wherever you drive, your engine needs the air it uses to be filtered. The technology of Reticulated Polyester Foam give us the opportunity to make an air filter to your exact specification allowing us greater flexibility in design and performance than paper or other air filter technologies.

By using various thicknesses of finer or coarser foams, we at Tweek Performance can vary these three qualities to achieve the optimum result for each application. It has been shown that small quantities of dust particles smaller than 10 microns have no significant effect on engine wear, so the materials used in the Tweek Performance range of air filters have been carefully selected to give maximum airflow capacity, excellent load-up tolerance and high efficiency whilst avoiding unnecessary extraction.  Where high dust flow rates are possible, we tailor the Tweek Performance air filters to arrest even the slightest amount of dust.

The majority of performance filters will lead to an increase in noise compared to stock air filters, however our air filter construction reduces noise significantly when compared to other competing performance air filter designs, a Tweek Performance air filter will probably give more power for longer, whilst remaining quieter than most other performance air filter types.


3. Test Results (Dust Load-up Tolerance)

This test is used to determine the life expectancy of various air filters. It shows the amount of dust that the air filters are able to absorb before clogging.

The dust used is I.S.O. course dust as per S.A.E. test procedure.     


The results of the test show conclusively that the Tweek Performance air filter has a dust load-up capacity of 200% more than the paper element and 260% more than the cotton gauze.  This concludes that the life of the Tweek Performance air filter between cleaning intervals is 260% longer than all other air filters tested, thus making it one of the most economical and cost efficient air filters on the market today.

Tests performed by Fritz Van Der Steege BSC Mechanical Engineering member of S.A.E


4. Efficiency Test Results

The indicated test results are the product of tests concluded between paper, cotton gauze and the Tweek Performance foam air filter. The purposes of the tests were to determine the efficiency of each air filter as to the amount of dust the air filters are capable of filtering.

Tests performed by Fritz Van Der Steege BSC Mechanical Engineering member of S.A.E


5. Technical Specs

To ensure a top quality product we have taken the utmost care in the selection of materials used so as to provide you, our customer with a superior product delivering superior performance and conforming to the highest expectations.

Technical information

  • Foam




Filtrex Foam





Foam Type



Ester Based


ISO 845


23 – 27

Compression Resistance at 40%

ISO 3386


2,0 – 4,0

Tensile Strength

ISO 1798



Elongation at Br

ISO 1798



Pores per inch



20 - 26

    • Polyurethane Rubber

    The polyurethane rubber used is a very durable yet flexible product allowing excellent properties such as heat tolerance and retaining its flexibility at all times ensuring efficient sealing. This product allows for long term use under extreme circumstances without sacrificing any of its high quality properties.

    • Grid

    A high quality stainless steel grid is utilized to supply superior performance and life expectancy. 

    • Filter construction

      • High grade stainless steel stiffener
      • Polyurethane rubber seal
      • High quality filtrex filter foam


      6. General Information 


      • Filter Necks:

        • Breather – (19mm, 22mm, 35mm)
        • Standard Cone – (52mm, 63mm, 70mm, 76mm, 88mm, 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 150mm)
        • Extra Length Cone – (52mm, 63mm, 70mm, 76mm, 88mm, 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 150mm)
        • Narrow Diameter Drum Filter – (52mm, 63mm, 70mm, 76mm, 88mm, 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 150mm)
        • Wide Diameter Drum Filter – (52mm, 63mm, 70mm, 76mm, 88mm, 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 150mm)
      • Filter Lengths: (filter lengths are length of the filter excluding the rubber neck i.e. the length of the foam). All filters can be made to custom specifications.

        • Breather – 10mm, 30mm
        • Standard Cone – 150mm
        • Extra Length Cone – 190mm
        • Narrow / Wide Diameter Drum Filter – 170mm

      Pricing: (all air filters are supplied with oil and cleaning solutions, however they can also be purchased separately if needed)

      • Recommended Retail Prices (incl VAT):

        • Breather (19mm – 35mm): R495.00
        • Drop-in Replacement Panel Filter: R950.00
        • Drop-in Replacement Drum Filter: R1250.00
        • Standard Cone (52mm – 76mm): R950.00
        • Standard Cone (88mm – 150mm): R975.00
        • Extra Length Cone (52mm – 76mm): R1050.00
        • Extra Length Cone (88mm – 150mm): R1075.00
        • Narrow Diameter Drum Filter (52mm – 76mm): R1150.00
        • Narrow Diameter Drum Filter (88mm – 150mm): R1175.00
        • Wide Diameter Drum Filter (52mm – 76mm): R1250.00
        • Wide Diameter Drum Filter (88mm – 150mm): R1275.00
        • Conversions / Refurbs: R1050.00
        • Oil & Cleaning kit: R575.00

      Reseller Discount offered

      As a reseller you will receive a % discount from the suggested retail price per order based on the number of units ordered. 

      Please email us at  to enquire about becoming a distributor of Tweek Performance foam air filter and our reseller discount structure. 


      • We will deliver stock to you as requested.


      • There is no charge for custom branded filters, provided the minimum quantity of 10 filters is met.

      Target market

      • Performance enhancement

      Customers that are fitting free flow exhaust systems wanting enhanced performance on their vehicles. Will see even better results with a Tweek Performance air filter which will add 2 – 3% extra kW.

      • General customers wanting value for money

      Customers who look after their vehicles can enjoy a decrease in consumption as well as a product that will not need replacing if oiled and cleaned correctly.

      Cleaning Procedure

      • The Tweek Performance air filter only has to be cleaned every 20 000km – 40 000km.
      • For this purpose a recharge kit is also sold consisting of an oil and cleaning solution.
      • The kit should last for four applications or 80 000km - 120 000km.
      • Only use Tweek Performance oil and cleaning solution.


      7. Tweek Performance Warranty

      The Warranty:

      • All Tweek Performance replacement air filter elements have a lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship (provided the correct cleaning and maintenance procedure is followed). Terms and conditions apply.

      What is warranted?

      • Any Tweek Performance air filter elements specified for and used as an original equipment replacement element, i.e. Tweek Performance part numbers and motorcycle original equipment replacement elements, except those units sold for dual purpose and/or off-road use.

      Who is covered by the warranty?

      • The original purchasers of a Tweek Performance air filter who has returned a defect filter and original invoice to Tweek Performance and provided all the requested information.

      What is not warranted?

      • Any Tweek Performance air filter used  for  any type of  racing or competition, custom or modified applications, any non-legal highway use, marine or industrial applications.

      What voids the warranty?

      • Incorrect Service:

      The Tweek Performance element must be cleaned and serviced with Tweek Performance cleaner and air filter oil per the prescribed routine maintenance procedure as outlined in the product literature that accompanies the Tweek Performance air filter.

      • No original invoice:

      The buyer must send an original invoice to Tweek Performance at time of purchase with the defected filter.

      • No Proof of  Purchase:

      At time of warranty claim, buyer must provide proof of purchase (original receipt or invoice).

      • Incorrect Use:

      Any damaged, abused or modified Tweek Performance air filters will not be warranted.

      Extent of warranty:

      • Any defective Tweek Performance element properly returned to Tweek Performance will be replaced by Tweek Performance. Tweek Performance’s sole obligation under this warranty shall be to repair or replace the air filter only.
      • Any Tweek Performance element returned to Tweek Performance must be sent at the customers’ expense along with a completed Warranty Claim Card and proof of purchase.
      • Tweek Performance reserves the right to determine whether the terms of the warranty, set out above, have been properly complied with.


      8. South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)

      All Tweek Performance foam air filters and oil & cleaning solutions are tested and approved by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

      This document is available on request as a PDF; please mail us if you would like a copy.


      - Team Tweek 


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