A complete Stage 2 Progressive Single Nozzle System including 3 different nozzle sizes, Level Monitor, System Pressure Monitor and a 3.8L Reservoir to allow for use on a range of platforms with varying modifications.


This Ready! Stage 2 Single Nozzle Water-Methanol Injection Kit is a Universal Installation kit suited racers that require a single nozzle with fluid delivery provided in a progressive manner based on a rise of boost pressure.

This system includes an intelligent progressive pump controller that allows the driver to adjust the Water Methanol output over the desired boost pressure range where the benefits of W/M injection are required.

As this system is not suited specifically to a particular vehicle, it includes a range of varying flow rate nozzles to allow for fine tuning to achieve optimal results on different platforms.

This Stage 2 Single Nozzle Water-Methanol Injection Kit is installation ready and includes all the necessary components to allow for a fast and easy installation to your vehicle.


Features of the Stage 2 System:

* Set & Forget Setpoint Adjustments (setpoints cannot be altered unless saved by user)

* Manual System Priming Feature (Prime the system as long as you want - Useful for prerun cooling)

* System Test Function (System will run pump until pressure is detected and then shut off - SPMU Required)

* Controller Failure and Wiring Defect Detection (Pump And Solenoid Circuit Monitoring)

* System Pre-Pressurisation Technology (Reduces injection latency and improves consistancy)

* 3 Stage Electrical Isolation (Double Pole Circuit Switching method prevents run away injection / hydrolocking)

* System Pressure Monitoring (Closed loop injection strategy provides surety of injection)

* Blocked Nozzle/s Detection (Detection of blocked nozzle - requires SPMU and Solenoid per nozzle)

* Configuration Menu (Activate/ Deactivate Pre-Pressurization, switch between Aux Input/ Output Modes)

* Boost Safe Output (Safety output can be utilized to prevent the vehicle from entering high boost or cut ignition)

* Fluid Level Monitoring(Monitoring of Fluid Levels with false alarm prevent caused by fluid wash)


Benefits Of Water-Methanol Injection

* Increasepower output safely by 15-20%

* Lower air temperatures by10-50°C degrees

* Increases octane by up to 25 RONand only when you need it during racing

* Reduces cylinder temperatures up to150°C degrees

* Detonation and Pre-Ignition becomes a distant memory

* No wear issues only clean combustion chambers

* Allows you to safely run more boost and timing


So you now know what it can do, what does it do to your vehicle's engine?

A Water-Methanol Injection Kit's main purpose is to suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure that has developed in the combustion chamber when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto-ignition point, by either a turbo, supercharger or high compression pistons.

Compressed air is heated air that causes a reduction of power and increases the likelihood of detonation.

Our kits help lessen any reduction of power while also increasing fuel economy by instantly cooling the compressed air in the boost pipes before the throttle body and also in the combustion chambers during ignition.

Because Water and Methanol have a very high latent heat content, it is extremely effective for controlling not only the onset of detonation but also the production of oxides of nitrogen in modern lean burning engines.

Methanol, with its 116 octane high flash points and specific gravity, helps further reduce the chances of detonation and acts as a fuel itself in the combustion chamber.


The kit contents of the Ready! Stage 2 Single Nozzle Injection System

Fluid Delivery Components

1 x 3.8L Water Methanol Reservoir

1 x 3.8L Tank Mounting Bracket

1 x LeakProof Tank Outlet Fitting Straight with built in strainer

1 x LeakProof Pump Fitting - Swivel 90 Degree

1 x 20Bar 1500cc/min Alcohol Pump

1 x LeakProof Pump Fitting - Straight

6 x Meters Length of Blue 1/4" Nylon Piping

1 x Non Return Valves incl LeakProof Fittings

1 x LeakProof Nozzle Holder - Side Feed

1 x CB3 Filtered High Atomising Nozzle

1 x CB5 Filtered High Atomising Nozzle

1 x CB7 Filtered High Atomising Nozzle

Electrical Components

1 x Stage 2 Progressive Water Methanol Injection Controller with Boost Pressure Referencing

1 x 5 Meter Easy Install Controller Harness with built in Relay and Inline Fuse

1 x System Pressure Monitoring Unit

1 x Reservoir Fluid Low Level Switch

1 x 1/8NPT Vacuum Barbed Fitting

1 x 4mm Vacuum Inline Air Filter

1 x 4mm Vacuum T-Piece

1 x 3mm to 4mm Vacuum Pipe Adapter

1 x 3mm Silicone Vacuum Tube Connector

1 x 4mm Silicone Vacuum Tube Connector

6 x General Securing Cable Ties

4 x Vacuum Pipe Securing Cable Ties

2 x Round Terminal Lugs

1 x Roll of Cloth Tape

1 x Cool Boost Systems Lanyard

2 x Quarter Panel Window Stickers


* 2 year warranty on all components *

* 24/7 365 System Back Up Support *

*** Please note: Kits, components, pricing and descriptions may vary as kits are constantly improving and upgrading, for most the accurate kit descriptions and pricing please make reference to: https://www.coolboostsystems.com (We try keep the site up to date at all times but there may sometimes be a small discrepancy) ***


Ready! Stage 2 Single Nozzle Kit

R9 750,00Price